Chapter 6

Tool #3: True Moral Compass and True Humility


Setting a high moral standard for yourself and your family—and transferring those standards to your children over time—is the most important inheritance you as a father can give to your children.


The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.” 

Proverbs 20:7, KJV


My father was the one who taught us right from wrong. And that is the most important thing he could have ever done for us.” 

John M., Los Gatos, California


In much of North America today—and throughout much of the world—it’s not popular to talk about setting high moral standards. In fact, many people avoid the subject of moral standards altogether. According to American pop culture, the idea of a “moral compass” is too old-fashioned or too difficult or too constraining. However, these are the same people who moan and complain when a contractor shortchanges them or a close friend fails them or a politician gets caught lying or the CEO of a large company is convicted of cheating his shareholders. They say, “Who are these people—and why don’t they know right from wrong?”


Well, these are men and women who probably grew up in homes with dads who did not have a strong moral compass for themselves or their families. And guess what? It really does matter . . . a lot.


A True Moral Compass matters for your own character and personal development, and for that of your wife and children. Make no mistake: There is no more important gift a father can give his children than a strong moral compass. Not money or fame or houses. Not even close. No material thing will ever help guide your child when he or she has grown up and faces truly difficult moral and ethical challenges. We all know that our children will one day have to face these challenges head-on—that is certain. The decisions they make will shape their families, their careers and their very lives and those of their children (your grandchildren). Having a True Moral Compass to guide them will give them the best chance possible of leading themselves and their families on the right path.