Thank you for checking out this web site. The fact that you did so tells me that

you want to be a better dad… and that means we have something very important

in common. Being a good dad isn’t easy—and there is no explicit instruction manual.

It’s pretty much a 24/7 labor of love—love that isn’t always returned.

But it is clearly the most important job that you and I will ever have.


If you doubt me on that last point, think about it: not only does the future of

civilization depend on it (and that is no exaggeration), our individual families

and our personal futures depend on it as well. In the many centuries before

our modern TV/internet culture, disintegrating families, and Social Security,

mothers and fathers understood implicitly that the job they did as parents

was critical to their future and society’s future. And while some today may

try to de-emphasize the importance of effective moms and dads—in reality

there is no better “return on investment” then children who grow up to be a blessing

to their families and an asset to our world. As Peter Lynch, the co-founder of Fidelity Investments, has said repeatedly: “children are your best investment.”


Just in case you still don’t agree with me on this point, we’re going to look at the importance of fatherhood for our families, our society, and ourselves in the first chapter. I hope that by the time we’re done with Chapter One, you will agree with me that being a good dad is the most important job any of us—including the President of the United States—will ever have.


Some cultures and countries do a better job affirming, guiding, and encouraging fathers. Modern American culture is sadly lacking in these areas—and we are all poorer for it. But the good news is this: good dads are made… not born. How do I know this? Because I didn’t have a real dad growing up—he was more of an absentee father at first and then completely disappeared. Maybe you also didn’t have great role models when you were young. Many of us did not. And I’ve certainly made more than my share of parenting mistakes—maybe we have that in common as well. However, I know that together, if we put our hearts, our minds, and souls into it—and with God’s help and the love and support of our families and friends—we can both become better fathers. Starting today.


Gregory W Slayton, Author of "BE a Better Dad Today", Speaker, Author on fatherhood

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